Activities in the private sector

GEOSERVICE has carried out many projects in the area of civil engineering and especially in geophysics at national level, cooperating with major national and international companies (HOCHTIEFF, VINCI CONSTRUCTION, AKTOR SA, APION CLEOS JV etc) in large public works in Greece. In the domain of cooperation with the Greek public sector, he was nominated as Consultant of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Public works in the domain of water management and water quality monitoring in Greece, related to the 2000/EC EU Directive standards. He was also the Consultant of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture in the standardization of the modern geophysical methods in the Greek prescriptions and application standards. In the domain of groundwater management, GEOSERVICE has realized more than 700 projects in all Greece, ranging from small services on water prospecting to major projects for potential water providers such as the major water provider of Greece (EYDAP SA) and Thessaloniki (EYATH SA).

Research activities

GEOSERVICE has participated in all FP programs of the EU since 1999. Characteristic projects are: CRYSTECHSALIN (FP5) GABARDINE (FP6) STONECORE (FP7), which was awarded from the EU as one of the 11 best projects of FP7 in Nanotechnology (Euronanoforum 2013, Dublin, IRELAND). Today, Geoservice is participating in the H2020 framework about the Project SUBSOL (Subsurface Water Solutions).


Approved projects


Returning customers


2013 Best EU FP7 projects in Nanotechnology Nanotechnology award (Dublin 2013, Ireland)


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