CaloXiL® - lime glaze

Lime glaze with nano-particles of lime is a special product for the protection of
surfaces of stone. The lime glaze combines several advantages:

· surface protection against the influence of weather
· no sealing of the surface and the pores  the stone continued to “breath”
· penetration of some of the nano particles into the surface  strengthening of
the surface of the stone and very good compound of the protection layer to
the underground
· formation of an alkaline milieu as prevention against microbiologic growth

The application of the lime glaze is very good especially for sculptures located
outdoor. Often such sculptures are exposed vulnerable to the weather from spring to
autumn, sometimes also during winter. Such weather influences often show decay at
the designed surface.

The application of the lime glaze prevents such problems. The small nano particles
penetrate into the surface and strengthen it. Other nano particles form a protective
layer at the surface without sealing of the pores. This is a well known problem of some
other products.
The lime glaze contains mineral lime that preserves an alkaline milieu. This prevents
the growth of microorganism which is a problem of sculptures, walls and parts of
buildings that are located most time in the shadow. The mineral character is not a
nutrient for the microorganism like other products.

Mixing with pigments is possible and allows the creation of nearly all nuances and
consistencies needed.

Before using in large scale we recommend to treat a small test field with CaLoSiL® in
order to find out the most favourable application method. Follow the instructions
given in our Material Safety Sheets and if there are more questions do not hesitate to
contact us.

The information mentioned above is state of the art. The application of our products and the work using is beyond
the range of our influence. Therefore IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co.KG can take no liability from events that result from
the information contained in this leaflet.