Removal of fungal and algal growth combined with structural consolidation

CaSoPaL® contains calcium hydroxide (lime hydrate) nano-particles stable dispersed
in ethanol. The particles have sizes in the range of 200 – 400 nm. The fine size of the
calcium hydroxide particles results from its preparation, which is based on chemical
synthesis. Typically, CaSoPaL®, which is a white to opal liquid, contains 15 g/L of
The treatment with CaSoPaL® combines the following advantages:
– Ethanol, which is one of the most effective disinfectants, acts as a dehydrating
agent damaging the cell membranes of algas and fungi. Additional, rapid
denaturalization of proteins takes place. Both effects guarantee a safe stop of
microbiological activities in the treated areas.
– Lime creates alkaline conditions under which new biological growth is unlikely.

The product is free of chlorine or chlorine forming compounds and does not contain
quaternary ammonium compounds or related materials.

Working instructions
A two step treatment of infected areas is recommended. A first treatment with
CaSoPaL® followed by mechanical removal of loose and damaged material is used
to destroy molds and spores. The second treatment with CaSoPaL® gives long time
protection against new biological growth. Finally, it is recommended to paint the
surface with lime paint.

CaSoPaL® is available in 500 mL spray flasks, and 500 mL, 1 Liter, 2,5 Liter and 5 Liter

Storable for at least twelve months in closed original containers. Keep away from
moisture and air. CaSoPaL® has to be stored between + 5 °C and +30 °C.

Safety instructions
CaSoPaL® mould remover is strongly alkaline and flammable/combustible. Keep
away from oxidizers, heat, sparks and flames. Avoid spilling, skin and eye contact.
Ventilate well, avoid breathing vapours. Use protective gloves and safety goggles.
We recommend painting the mold containing surface with CaSoPaL®. Spraying may
produce aerosols which can be dangerous and harmful to health. Follow the instructions
given in our Material Safety Sheets.

Biocide -Number (Germany):      N 41000

The information mentioned above is state of the art. The application of our products and the work using
is beyond the range of our influence. Therefore IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co.KG can take no liability from
events that result from the information contained in this leaflet.